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Les petits résistants - En tête à tête avec notre co-fondatrice Julia

Les Petits Résistants - A One-on-One with our Co-Founder Julia

Discover the Full Interview with Julia, our Co-Founder, in "Les Petits Résistants" - The Media for Families Committed to a Greener and More Equal World.

An Interview with a Personality Who is Changing the World. Inspiring Engagement and Cultivating Optimism.

In this issue, I meet Julia Kagelmann, an entrepreneur and dedicated mother who, like all parents, experiences the whirlwind of love with her three young children. A German expatriate in France and an inherent eco-optimist, she shares with us her entrepreneurial project: a range of skincare products for the little ones, envisioned as her dream world – a joyful, natural, and minimalist chaos! Interview.

Julia, Co-Founder of the Brand Amour Tempête

Julia was born in Germany, pursued her studies in Spain, met a Frenchman there, and landed in Paris to become a partnership manager, supporting cultural projects in a major luxury house: “It was the dream job, but once I got there, what was the next step?” The famous existential crisis triggered by the arrival of her youngest, fueled by COVID as well, and above all, motivated by the desire to have an impact through her work. Ideas were abundant (always tinted with ecology), and one stood out: creating skincare products for 0-3-year-olds that are beautiful, natural, and minimalist. Julia was indeed surprised to see endless ranges of products for 0-3-year-olds (micellar water, liniment, refreshing water, face cream…) with long ingredient lists “when health authorities recommend applying as few products as possible on very young children's skin.” Her dual culture made her realize the absurdity of certain consumption habits entrenched despite common sense: “Upon arriving in France, I noticed that liniment is a must-have for parents, while in Germany it doesn’t even exist!” This highlights the power of marketing by brands adept at creating needs… that aren’t really there.

Thus, Amour Tempête was born, a range of three minimalist skincare products (a cleanser, a nourishing oil, and a repairing balm) designed with a total eco-design approach (plastic-free), and envisioned with her associate Elma, a doctor of pharmacy. The famous principle of “less but better,” which in cosmetics as elsewhere, shows that health and responsible consumption (= consuming less) are often linked. At the heart of their action is also the desire to represent imperfect parenting, far from the clichés and fixed images of the always smiling Bébé Cadum family. Because, as we know in reality: lots of love and some tempests ;)

"When a child is born, as parents, we have the chance to change habits and foster new ideas. For me, it’s all about transmission and education. For example, sparking curiosity about the world, developing critical thinking, and above all, raising awareness about more responsible consumption."

Julia is naturally joyful and not eco-anxious. Of course, she sometimes eats frozen pizzas but she is rather committed. And it comes from somewhere: “I am very eco-conscious thanks to my upbringing. In Germany, we learn to sort waste before we learn to walk! So when I arrived in France 15 years ago, some things surprised me. The water bottle, for example. In Germany, everyone has one from a very young age. In France, I feel like it’s been a big trend for the last five years…” Julia notes that across the Rhine, she didn’t find these eco-values in the education of young French children: “It’s a shame because when things are instilled from a young age, they are not questioned, they are not efforts, and they are not seen as sacrifices!”

We fully share this philosophy of joy at Les Petits Résistants: “The important thing is to share positivity with children. For example, with food, showing them the real taste of things and cooking with them, to show that eating seasonally is not a sacrifice!” A word to adults who can't do without strawberry tarts in winter, another world is possible. Try it and pass the message on to your children! This interview convinces us that education is definitely the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.

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