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Pourquoi les produits Amour Tempête sont sans parfum : on vous explique tout !

Why Amour Tempête Skincare Products for Babies and the Whole Family are Fragrance-Free: We Explain Everything!

I am Elma, a Doctor of Pharmacy and co-founder of the brand Amour Tempête. In this article, I will explain why we decided not to include fragrances in our Amour Tempête products.

Babies’ skin is much thinner and more sensitive than that of adults. It is also less capable of protecting itself against irritants and allergens. Fragrances, even those naturally derived, often contain chemical substances that can irritate your baby’s delicate skin. These irritations can manifest as redness, itching, and contact dermatitis (inflammation), for example. Generally, I always recommend not using scented cosmetic products for babies and young children.

This precaution becomes particularly important in summer when your little ones' delicate skin is exposed to the sun. In fact, when exposed to sunlight, some components of fragrances can become phototoxic. This means they react with UV light and can cause skin reactions (allergies, inflammations) such as redness, eczema, itching, and blisters on your baby’s skin.

At Amour Tempête, we have chosen to create fragrance-free products to ensure the safety and well-being of little ones. However, it was important to us that you still enjoy using our products. To achieve this, we carefully selected high-quality ingredients to provide a pleasant experience.

To compensate for the absence of fragrance and add a unique touch to our products, we have incorporated organic plum oil from Gascogne into our formulas. This oil has a light sweet almond scent, a delicate and natural fragrance that is present in all our products. It not only provides a subtle fragrance but also offers numerous skin benefits thanks to its nourishing and hydrating properties.

By choosing Amour Tempête products, you are opting for safe and gentle care for your children’s skin.

Elma, Doctor of Pharmacy and Co-founder of Amour Tempête

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