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Amour Tempête


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Les essentiels pour bébés et toute la famille

Produits de soin naturels et minimalistes


Amour Tempête x RESAP Paris

Amour Tempête est une gamme de soins sûrs, naturels et minimalistes, respectueuse de l'environnement pour bébés et toute la famille.

Nos soins sont fabriqués en France et certifiés biologiques

About Amour Tempête

At Amour Tempête, we're determined to shake things up. We have chosen to create a range and formulas focused on the essentials, to do less, but better.

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Our Story

The Founders

"When a child is born, as parents, we have the chance to change habits and come up with new ideas. For me, it's all a question of transmission and education. For example, awakening their curiosity about the world, developing their critical sense and, above all, making them aware of a more responsible way of consuming."

Julia, co-founder

"As a doctor of pharmacy, I know how important the choice of baby care products is. Beyond having to meet safety criteria, they must be easy to use and pleasant to the touch to encourage the connection between the baby and the person providing the care."

Elma, co-founder

Ils parlent de nous

Amour Tempête is one of the Milk Magazine editors' favorites.

Amour Tempête was awarded the Golden Price 'children's category' and the Packaging Special Price by Cosmétique Mag.

The journal

Pourquoi les produits Amour Tempête sont sans parfum : on vous explique tout !

Why Amour Tempête Skincare Products for Babies and the Whole Family are Fragrance-Free: We Explain Everything!

Elma, Doctor of Pharmacy and co-founder of the Amour Tempête brand, explains in this article why we decided not to use fragrances in our Amour Tempête products.

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Papa à la plage au pays basque avec ses enfants

Parent Talk N°4 : Arthur

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Expert Talk N°2 : Anne-Charlotte, sage-femme

Expert Talk N°2: Anne-Charlotte, hospital midwife

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