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Our Charter

A minimalist approach to doing less but better.

The Amour Tempête range consists of 3 essential baby care products. It took us 18 months of Research and Development, and many trips back and forth to our laboratory in Brittany (up to 50 tests), to create and refine the formulas. Our exclusive formulas are composed of a minimalist list of ingredients that we consider essential for their properties.


A short circuit approach

In addition to containing 100% ingredients of natural origin, Amour Tempête formulas include up to 99.8% organic ingredients and 99.3% ingredients of French origin. This requirement ensures excellent product traceability and a reduced carbon footprint.
Packaging is recycled and/or recyclable. Glass bottles and jars, wooden caps from sustainably managed forests, and recycled and upcycled cardboards (containing 15% corn residues).

Care that's as close as possible to baby's needs

Demanding formulas

All R&D for Amour Tempête formulas is carried out in partnership with a laboratory in Brittany, expert in natural skincare products.

The formulas are short, concentrating only the essential ingredients for greater transparency and understanding. For the BABY CLEANSER Amour Tempête, we chose to select a new generation of ultra-gentle cleansing base, perfectly adapted to babies' skin.

The formulas are anhydrous, without water, so there's no risk of bacteriological contamination and no use of preservatives. They also contain no known or potential endocrine disruptors.
If all our skincare products are suitable for babies' skin, that means they can be adopted by the whole family!

Fragrance-free care

Amour Tempête formulas are fragrance-free to limit any risk of allergy. Only the precious oil of Prune de Gascogne, the range's cross-cutting active ingredient, provides a delicate sweet almond scent.

Enhanced safety

We have chosen to carry out a combination of 4 toxicological tests, carried out by an independent laboratory, to ensure that our products are perfectly adapted to babies' skin.

All Amour Tempête skincare products are certified organic and vegan. Rated 100/100 on Yuka & 20/20 on INCI Beauty.