Amour Tempête is a range of exceptional organic babycare products, made environmentally friendly and formulated with safe ingredients, to accompany the little ones in their exploration of life. 

At Amour Tempête, we're determined to break new ground.

We have chosen to create a range of products and formulas focused on the essentials: less but better.

Our products are made in France using natural, locally produced and organic ingredients.

Our aim is to create products of exemplary quality, security and environmental impact.

Amour Tempête is also about developing children's independence, awakening their senses and helping them blossom. We are convinced that caring for babies is more than simple physical gestures. It enables them to become curious and confident, in order to be committed adults tomorrow.


Amour Tempête reflects life as it is.
Far from clichés and frozen images, Amour Tempête is about
children who explore and express themselves
parents who feel everything and its opposite
families that are far from perfect, but happy as they are.