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Amour Tempête, what is it? 

Amour Tempête is an exceptional natural skincare range, respectful of the environment and formulated with healthy ingredients, to accompany toddlers in their exploration of life. 

At Amour Tempête, we're determined to break new ground by offering high-quality, sustainable skincare for toddlers.

Our aim is to create products with an exemplary composition and environmental impact. Products that are beautiful and good for children, parents and the planet.

Amour Tempête is also committed to developing children's independence, awareness and self-fulfilment. We're convinced that caring for babies is more than just a physical act. It enables them to become curious, confident children and, we hope, the committed adults of tomorrow.

Amour Tempête reflects life as it is. Far from clichés and frozen images, Amour Tempête is about children exploring and expressing themselves, parents who feel everything and its opposite, families far from perfect, but happy as they are.