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Our story

Julia, mother of 3, and Elma, mother of a little girl. We met a few years ago in a luxury House, then met again in early 2023 to create Amour Tempête together. Amour Tempête is a company with a mission. A brand that reflects our image, our values, our inspiration and our desire to inspire you.
"Three years ago, when my third child was born, I began to wonder about the skincare products I was using for him. I was surprised to find that there were no baby care products that were entirely eco-designed. But also without compromising on the pleasure of use for parents. Amour Tempête is the sum of all these elements."
"When a child is born, as parents, we have the chance to change habits and come up with new ideas. For me, it's all a question of transmission and education. For example, awakening their curiosity about the world, developing their critical sense and, above all, making them aware of a more responsible way of consuming."
Julia, co-founder
"As a doctor of pharmacy, I know how important the choice of baby care products is. Beyond having to meet safety criteria, they must be easy to use and pleasant to the touch to encourage the connection between the baby and the person providing the care."
"Baby care is much more than just a physical act. It provides them with comfort, softness and well-being, awakening their curiosity and fostering their self-confidence. The babies we care for today will be the committed adults of tomorrow."
Elma, co-founder